What is a Transponder Key?

We’ve all heard about transponders and know they’re related to our car keys, but what is a transponder key exactly?

We at Locksmith 775 can not only explain to you what your transponder is and how it works, but we can also replace your missing or broken transponder key within 25 minutes of your initial call.

Transponder Key:


  • A transponder receives a radio signal from your car’s computer when you insert and turn your key in the ignition; the transponder then responds to the computer with a valid code authorizing system start
  • The transponder generally lives in the plastic head of the key
  • Your car’s computer energizes the transponder via radio signal – no battery required!
  • Transponder keys function as car immobilizers


  • Transponder keys deter car theft by preventing system start without the correct transponder signal; in other words, transponder keys prevent car theft via “hot wiring”
  • Car alarm triggers when the wrong transponder key or signal attempts to access the car

 Possible Issues

  • Malfunction via water-logging
  • Relay hacking
  • Accidental transponder reprogramming

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