Installing dependable locks throughout your commercial properties is imperative to prevent anyone from disrupting the everyday operations of your company. The owners of businesses frequently need to be made aware that their building’s locks are sufficient to suit their requirements. It occurs when your locks show signs of wear and tear or become compromised in some other way. Since opening its doors, Locksmith 775 has first-rate Commercial Locks in Reno, NV services.

We offer a rapid response to our consumers with various options. Theft from businesses is a common problem, and you should always keep it open to the possibility of it happening. Hence, to protect your commercial properties from being broken into, it would be beneficial to install locks that work.

Benefits of Commercial Locks

It is easy to customize commercial door locks. On the other hand, if you have commercial keyless locks, you can always have a convenient entry, even if you don’t have a standard key. Your company needs to have enough protection at all times, and the locking systems you have in place are crucial. There are several advantages to having commercial locks, including the following:

  • Commercial locks enable you to give temporary access to any employee without the necessity of also granting them permanent access to the building.
  • Some commercial locks allow you to keep track of timecards indicating when employees enter and go out of the building.
  • If you have a keyless entry system, it is simple to personalize and regulate in various ways.
  • You have a variety of alternatives to select from, including cylinder locks with levers, mortise locks, keypad door locks, panic bars or crash bars, and commercial electric strike locks.

High-Quality Commercial Locks Installation

Strengthening a company’s security measures should be the primary focus of any business owner, as this will deter any attempts at theft or other illegal activity. As a result, if you want the very best commercial locks, you should contact Locksmith 775 at any time. Our company employs a team of highly skilled locksmiths who are experts in installing secure locks on commercial properties.

We can provide you with several options for resolving any lock and key concerns that you may have with the doors to your office. You have the choice to install new commercial locks instead of the old ones if you discover that the ones you now have do not provide the level of protection you require for your business.

  • High-quality products
  • Best brands in the market
  • Affordable choices
  • Proficient features

The deadbolt is one of the most common locks used in commercial settings, and they are a convenient alternative that does not break the bank and offers excellent protection. There are primarily two categories for deadbolts: single-cylinder and double-cylinder. 

Mortise locks are a more complicated alternative that provides an increased level of protection than deadbolts do. They are frequently utilized in high-security facilities like government buildings and banking establishments. Mortise locks are incorporated into the door and require a unique key. These locks are also known as in-line locks.

Businesses that wish to avoid the inconvenience of actual keys often install keypad locks as an alternative locking mechanism. Users have the option of entering a code to unlock the door. Keypad locks can be configured with various regulations, making it simple to provide different employees or contractors with access to the building.

Electronic locks are comparable to keypad locks in appearance, but their operation relies on electrical components rather than mechanical ones. Some electronic locks require a key fob or card when unlocking the door, while others use biometric information such as fingerprints or facial recognition.

sing one’s bodily traits as a key to unlocking a door is the cutting-edge concept behind biometric locks. They are often more costly than other types of commercial locks, but they provide a level of security that different types cannot match.

Smart locks are a more recent innovation in commercial locks; they enable users to control access from a remote location. They can be controlled via an application on a user’s smartphone or connected to the automation system of a building.

Choosing the Right Commercial Locks

Commercial Locks in Reno


There are many aspects to consider when choosing commercial locks for your company in Reno, Nevada. Some of these aspects include your budget, the type of building and layout, the number of employees and contractors, the need for access control, and your security needs. It is critical to collaborate with a skilled locksmith who can evaluate your safety requirements and suggest solutions tailored to your company’s specifics.

In Reno, Nevada, Locksmith 775 provides a comprehensive selection of commercial locksmith services. Our skilled and knowledgeable personnel can guide you through selecting the most appropriate commercial locks for your company, ensuring they are correctly installed, and providing ongoing maintenance and support.

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Locksmith 775 installs classic commercial locks on office doors, public and school buildings, healthcare facilities, and other places for security. In addition, we fit special locks that do not open without a unique key or code. No tools or tricks or even hacking can break our installed locks and ensure the complete safety of your building.

We always pay close attention to how your business flows, which is crucial in deciding the type of lock to cater to your requirements. Choose our expert locksmith for the best Commercial Locks in Reno, NV.

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