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Sometimes we end up locked out of the house, at the office or even the car. Although it is one of the most annoying feelings ever, it does have a solution right here in Reno. Locksmith 775 has been the best emergency locksmith Reno and in the overall region. We strive to continuously grow our skill, machinery specialization and with the vision to stay the best in the business. No matter your situation, or the exact problem, you want it done as quickly as possible and that is where our emergency services come in handy, such as car key replacement in Reno, NV or something more complex.

Strategically placed, Locksmith 775 is able to reach everyone in need as soon as possible and that is something we are highly proud of. Below you will see some of the services you can receive from an Emergency Locksmith in Reno, NV.

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One of the most common practices is where the cylinders of the rock are reconfigured so that the original key does not work again. We can get to you any time of the day or night if that does happen and you need us. The rekeying process doesn’t take long and it’s cheaper than replacing all the locks in the premises but just as effective.

Automotive Lock Repair & Installation

If you are looking for an emergency auto locksmith, Reno located, we are the right company to call. We have all the types of machines to handle all sorts of car keys available on the market today. From the smart keys to the antiques, we are equipped to handle all sorts of damage. We have the technology for car key replacement and reprogramming them just as it’s supposed to be in case you lost them. We work fast to ensure you get your keys in the shortest possible time. If your ignition is damaged and won’t start or the key won’t go all the way in, our locksmith can help you out with the issue and solve it in no time as well.

Emergency Security systems Repair & Installation. reno & sparks nv

Emergency Key cutting Services

The art of key cutting has been around for hundreds of years. People used to do it by hand, but today luckily we have machines that are able to replicate keys with the highest accuracy in a very small amount of time. At Locksmith 775 in Reno, we have mastered the art of locks and keys and are able to make exact key copies of any lock our client wants. This includes cutting security keys and even restricted ones. 

Electronic access control

This sort of security system is handy in controlling where people can and can’t go inside the business premises. Different employees have different levels of clearance. Using this technology, we can be able to map the employee’s movements and identify who was where at a certain period of time. When these systems go haywire, we find that no one can go anywhere until the entire system has been reset. Call us at any time of day or night to reset this system or for any commercial locksmith Reno, NV located services because we are always here to help.


Emergency Locksmith

You have strict insurance requirements that require locksmith services to be in conformance. Your home, business, warehouse, or any other goods need to be physically protected against trespassers and thieves. Your house or automobile keys have been damaged or lost. You need to change the locks on your new place of business. You’re locked out of your house. There may be other problems with your keys, locks, or safes.

The cost of a qualified, licensed locksmith is affected by a variety of factors. The easiest approach to receive a precise price is to call us at (775) 203-5750. Over the past several years, there has been an increase in the number of shady locksmiths. Although they falsely claim to be competent for the work, these guys make speedy and affordable locksmith service promises. In the long run, they cause additional expense for you, cause unneeded worry for you, and damage your property.

With this kind of emergency or any other key-related issues, our Locksmith 775  are more than delighted to assist you. Any day of the week, you can phone us, and we’ll be there to assist you in a matter of minutes.

We assist people who are struggling with urgent lock difficulties. You may rely on us to handle the situation for you whether you lock yourself out of your automobile, your vehicle, a room in your home, or are unable to enter your company due to lock troubles. Depending on exactly what you are experiencing problems with, we will choose a different strategy.

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