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At the place of business, security is a top priority. Because of that, everybody wants the best security systems possible they can afford with all the features available in the budget range. Business places contain important information and that’s why we keep it under the stronger and more complex lock systems. For a commercial business like that, Commercial Locksmith in Reno, NV, provides all the needed services that handle the locks on business buildings and doors. We are talking about high tech locks and that’s why you need a proper technician with the right training and tools for the job which we can provide. We have invested heavily into both of these to ensure an adequate service to our customers. These are only some of the locksmith Reno services we provide.
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Commercial Locksmith in Reno Sparks, NV

We offer 24/7 Commercial Locksmith in Reno, NV, services support.

  • 24/7 Commercial lockout services
  • 24/7 Lock Repair
  • 24/7 Lock Rekeying
  • Keys for file cabinets
  • Business master key system
  • Key Duplication
  • Provide all security system keys
  • Install business locks
  • Commercial Safe Installation

Your business will receive Reno’s top Commercial Locksmith in Reno, NV when you connect with us. We’ll solve your commercial lock issues whenever you need us.


Professional Commercial Locksmith in Reno, NV

In case you are looking to install new locks on your business premises, we are the right company to call. We work with all types of buildings, covering nearly all types of locks to accustom our clients needs. We can handle the installation process of these locks while also maintaining the aesthetics of the place. If your locks are also ruined or faulty and you need the commercial locksmith services in Reno, NV, our company is at your disposal. We also take care of residential locksmith services Reno, NV that you might be interested in.

Commercial Re-keying in Reno, NV

If you suspect that there has been a security leak, there are various ways to deal with it. You can choose to replace all the locks on the premises but a simpler and more cost effective solution would be to simply rekey them. By rekeying these locks, the cylinders where the original key went is reconfigured meaning the previous key now becomes useless. If you hire us, we ensure safety for your business in the quickest possible way.

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Commercial Door Repair in Reno Sparks, NV

Master key systems installation in Reno, NV

Master keys are able to open every lock in a certain premises. It’s an efficient way to access every lock without carrying a huge chunk of keys. Master key systems are an easy way to filter out who can access what part of the premises and also keep a log of who has been where at what time. In case of an incident, performing an investigation will be that much simpler.

Safe repairs and installations in Reno, NV

In a business space you will often require a safe space where you can place your valuables. That is the reason companies install safe boxes to keep the information and valuables intact and without interference. That’s why you can get the best lock and safe services in the region from us.

High security doors installation

For high security door installation commercial locksmith services in Reno, NV, is your best option. At our company we help our customers choose the best doors for their setting and handle all of your door installation needs. We provide you with professional locksmiths and installers who have the expertise needed to professionally  install or even repair your door. If you are looking to install a new security door or have one for repairs, call us now and let’s discuss your needs.

Electronic access control Installation & Repair

Electronic access control systems are great but sometimes they can malfunction and cause problems that need repairing in order to operate correctly again.

Locksmith 775 prides itself as one of the best commercial locksmiths in Reno Nevada because of the previous happy clients and our great technicians with the needed expertise to get the job done. If you need access control systems installed or repaired, call us to schedule an appointment so we can provide the service and leave the building with you feeling satisfied.

At Locksmith 775 Reno Sparks, NV, we pride ourselves as one of the best Commercial Locksmith in Reno Sparks, NV. Not only do we have the knowledge and skilled labor, we also handle every project with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. We make sure that not only is the customer happy with the results, but that we provide the best value for money possible.

Serving the local reno, nv, for commercial locksmith needs

What Commercial Locksmith in Reno, NV, service is the best? None other than Locksmith 775, We’re a trustworthy, reasonable, courteous locksmith service. From lockouts to high-security and keyless access, we’re your locksmith. For lock services, call 775-203-5750.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Reno, Nevada, we specialize in installing keyless entry systems for business buildings. Keyless entry systems improve security and convenience by allowing authorized staff to enter your facilities using access codes, biometrics, or proximity cards.

Yes, our locksmiths in Reno, NV, have the knowledge and skills to work with various commercial security systems. They can set up, maintain, and repair alarm systems, CCTV cameras, access control systems, and other commercial security measures.

Certainly! If a key to your commercial establishment has been lost or stolen, you must maintain the safety of the property. Our locksmiths can rekey the locks, making the lost key ineffective, and provide you with new keys to ensure the security of your property.

In Reno, Nevada, we provide maintenance services for commercial locks and security systems. Regular maintenance ensures the optimal performance and durability of your locks and security systems, reducing the risk of unanticipated problems and improving the overall security of your business.

Absolutely! Our locksmiths have expertise installing and repairing access control systems for commercial buildings in Reno, NV. Whether you require a simple card access system or a more advanced biometric system, we can help you choose and install the right solution for your specific requirements.

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