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Locksmith in Washoe Valley, NV


You never fully understand the importance of locksmith services until you experience a jammed lock, lost key or a security breach in your office, home or car. When that happens, you are in a rush to hire the best locksmith in Washoe Valley, NV. however, with the haste in finding a solution, you might end up hiring the wrong people, and rather than securing your home, you expose it to intruders and thieves. This is the exact reason why you should have a locksmith service provider beforehand. At Locksmith 775, we offer mobile locksmith services that allow us to reach your location in less than 30 minutes. Regardless of your location, we will come to you armed with the tools to perform any locksmith services.

Services we offer

In the quest to provide reliable, affordable and quality locksmith services, we have specialized in offering services such as:

Residential Locksmith in Washoe Valley, NV

If you own a home, a family or a pet, then you understand the emphasis put into offering the best security system for them. You want to keep them safe from burglars and trespassers. There are many ways to accomplish this, but the cheapest and most effective is installing top-notch security systems. Install locks that are easy to use and have access control measures. If you feel like the security of your home has been compromised, hire a professional and have them repair or upgrade the system. At Locksmith 775, we are the epitome of residential locksmith services. With the mobile units we use, you can rely on us to deliver the best residential locksmith services in the shortest time possible.

Commercial Locksmith in Washoe Valley, NV

For your business to succeed, there is a need to protect the interest and investments of your shareholders. Also, you need to keep the business documents safe from prying people. You do not want to leave your business vulnerable to espionage or inside trading. To achieve this, you will need the best security systems, alarms, surveillance systems, and safes installed. At Locksmith 775, we specialize in offering the best and top-grade security systems. We install, repair, maintain and upgrade any commercial security system.

Automotive Locksmith in Washoe Valley, NV

Getting locked out of your car is devastating and stressful. Even worse is having a jammed lock or a broken or misplaced car key. With continued use, the metallic part of the key tends to weaken and in most cases, break in the lock. At times, your car key may be too worn out to even start your car. All these situations are bound to happen if you own a car. When your transponder key fails, call experts from Locksmith 775 and have them repair, replace and duplicate your car key. Additionally, they can maintain and install new locks on your car for better security. We are always on the road offering mobile locksmith services that are reliable and affordable.

Access Control in Washoe Valley, NV

Access control systems offer an extra layer of security for your business. Since you are now able to monitor the access to specific places in your office, you can hold people accountable for their activities. However, for an effective access control system, it is important that it matches the security needs of your space. This can only be solved by hiring a professional to help you in choosing the appropriate systems. Having factored in all considerations, locksmith in Washoe Valley, NV from Locksmith 775 will not only help you chose but also go ahead to deliver, install, maintain, repair and replace any component of the security system. Call any of our mobile units today and experience convenience like never before.

Intercom Units in Washoe Valley, NV

Intercom units allow for easier communication between rooms. With an intercom unit in your home, there is a convenience in a whole new level. For the elderly and physically impaired, they are able to call for service or help without necessarily stumbling out of their rooms. With an effective intercom unit, you can easily screen for intruders and be prepared. An intercom unit serves its full purpose when installed by a professional. At Locksmith 775, we supply, install, upgrade, repair and maintain any type of intercom units. Regardless of your location, we will arrive at your location in our mobile units and deliver quality services.

In the state, we are the best mobile locksmith service, providers. With state of the art equipment and highly trained experts, you can trust us to deliver quality, reliable and affordable services for your home, car, and office.

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