Lock Rekeying – Worth It or Not?

Over time, the integrity of your locks will wither, and you are faced with two options: replace the entire lock system or rekey your locks. If you are looking to upgrade the lock’s look or have a damaged lock, replacement is a good choice. But if efficiency and affordability are more important to you, rekeying is the way to go.

How are Locks Rekeyed?

Simply put, the rekeying process consists of replacing the springs and pins in a lock with new ones that are compatible with new keys. With the old lock removed from the handle or door, the locksmith will replicate the grooves and cuts on the new keys with the lock pins. The lock will be replaced, and your new keys will now work.

Luckily, Locksmith 775 provides 24/7 support for rekeying. Our trained locksmith technicians are happy to help rekey your locks for cheap!

Pros of Rekeying

  • It is generally a quick process. Lock replacements tend to be very time-intensive, especially if the hardware isn’t easily accessible. The rekeying process requires minimal tools and can sometimes be accomplished on your own.
  • You do not need to alter your door. Because all the changes occur inside the lock itself, no damage is left behind on the door or handle.
  • It is cheaper than replacing the entire lock. If you are looking to replace a lock for purely aesthetic reasons, you might find it can be costly. If the product must be sourced from somewhere else, you should factor in the shipping and handling costs.
  • You can use one key to accommodate every door. Convenience is a major factor in many people’s decisions. By rekeying the locks in your home, you can use the same key to access all of them.

Why Should You Rekey Your Locks?

  •  You misplaced your key. We can safely assume you don’t want strangers finding it and accessing your home. Rekeying your locks to accommodate a new set of keys prevents this and is a much cheaper and time-friendly alternative to lock replacements.
  • You bought a new home. New homes come with lock hardware already installed. If you want to keep the hardware but change the locks, rekeying is a great choice
  • Your home was recently broken into. Rekeying after a recent break in prevents the intruder(s) from ever reentering your home. Of course, replacing the locks is always an option. But for the sake of convenience, we recommend rekeying.
  • If you are considering rekeying your locks or replacing them completely, it is always a smart idea to get a professional opinion. At Locksmith 775, we always have locksmith technicians standing by to offer their professional advice. Are you looking for an affordable, trusted locksmith company in the Reno-Sparks area? Locksmith 775 is eager to help! Call us today.

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