Lock Out Tips: What To Do If Your Car Locks You Out?

Locking out of your car can be a frustrating and stressful experience. If anything like this were to happen to you, it would be best if you were ready. This blog post will provide lock-out tips and what to do if you are in this situation. We’ve covered everything from keeping a spare key to choosing a trustworthy locksmith. Stay calm and be ready with these lock-out tips.

Lock Out Tips

Car lock-out can be a frustrating and costly problem. Fortunately, you can assist in reducing the likelihood of auto lock-outs by taking a few precautions.

Keep your key fob close to you

The first step is to always keep your keys on you when you are driving. If you are running errands or going out for the evening, put your keys in your pocket or bag before getting out of the car. Additionally, it would help if you were sure to check that all doors are locked before leaving the vehicle.

Keep a spare key

Another great prevention tip is ensuring you always have a spare set of keys. This will allow you to access your car in the event of a lock-out. You can store a spare key with a family member or friend, or consider investing in a key storage box or combination lock to store a spare key on your property securely.

Make sure to have a duplicate key made

Remember to give some thought to the safety aspects of your vehicle, too. Ensure that your doors are equipped with a deadbolt or other locking mechanism. Additionally, you should consider investing in an alarm system or anti-theft device that can alert you if your vehicle is being tampered with.

Store the key in a secure, accessible location

If you leave a spare key at home, ensure it’s stored in a secure and easily accessible location. A hidden key outside your home or under the doormat is not recommended, as intruders can easily find it. Instead, consider leaving it with a trusted friend or family member.

Regular maintenance for your car

Finally, staying up-to-date on regular maintenance for your car is important. This includes checking the battery, which is important for maintaining the power of locks and alarm systems. You should also ensure that the remote control key fob is working properly.

Following these prevention tips can greatly reduce the chances of being locked out of your car. Taking the time to secure your vehicle properly can save you time, money, and frustration.

Lock Out Tips: What To Do If Your Car Locks You Out?

What to Do If You’re Locked Out?

Remain calm

Keeping your cool and thinking rationally about how to get back into your home if you’ve been locked out is the first thing you should do.

Check for open windows or doors

If you left a window or door open, it might be possible to access the house through one of them. Locksmiths are available for hire if you require assistance gaining admission. Make sure you have proof of property ownership before allowing them to work.

Try using a spare key

You should also check with neighbors or family members who may have a spare key to the house. It is a good idea to keep a spare key in a safe place accessible by someone you trust in case this happens.

Call a locksmith

If a spare key doesn’t work, the next step is to call a locksmith. Look for a reputable locksmith who is licensed and insured. Ensure to get a quote in advance to avoid any surprises regarding the bill.

Call a road service or insurance company if you have coverage

As a last resort, you may choose to go to the landlord or the police. The police can help if you are worried about an intruder in the house or are concerned for your safety.

It is always best to avoid getting locked out in the first place. Always have a spare key with you, and check that all windows and doors are secured before leaving the property.

How to Choose a Locksmith?

Choosing the right locksmith is crucial when you’re locked out of your car. Not all locksmiths are created equal, so it’s important to do your research and choose someone trustworthy and qualified. Here are some tips for choosing a locksmith:

Do your research

Start by searching online for locksmiths in your area. Read reviews and their website to learn more about their services and qualifications.

Check credentials and licensing

Find a locksmith who has proper licensing and insurance before hiring them. Ask to see their credentials, and check with your local licensing authority to verify their status.

Get a quote in advance

Before hiring a locksmith, get a quote in advance. This will help you avoid any surprises regarding the bill and ensure you get a fair price for the services provided.

Ask for referrals

Ask friends, family, or co-workers for referrals to a reputable locksmith. This is a great way to find someone who has already been tested and approved by someone you trust.

Be wary of scammers 

Unfortunately, many scammers posing as locksmiths will take advantage of your situation. Always exercise caution when dealing with anybody who provides an estimate over the phone without first personally seeing the problem or who requests money in advance.

What to Avoid When You’re Locked Out?

When locked out of your home or car, it’s important to know what to avoid to keep yourself safe. It’s always a good idea to break into a property with permission. Not only is this illegal, but it can also be dangerous. Even if you think you know how to pick a lock, it’s still best to leave it to the professionals. 

Additionally, it’s a bad idea to try and climb through windows or other openings that may need to be bigger for you to fit through. You can easily get stuck or hurt yourself in the process. It’s also not a good idea to try and force open a door or window. This can cause damage to the property, and you can end up with an expensive repair bill. 

If you have access to a spare key, ensure you know where it is before getting locked out. If you don’t have a spare key, try calling a locksmith to come and help you. They will be able to gain access to the property safely and legally. 

In general, avoiding any risky behavior when you’re locked out is best. Don’t attempt to do anything that could put you in danger or result in expensive repairs. Call a professional locksmith, and they’ll be able to help you get back inside quickly and safely.


In conclusion, being prepared is key to avoiding a lock-out situation. Follow the prevention tips, know what to do if locked out, and choose a trustworthy locksmith. Don’t let a lock-out ruin your day! As a favor, please forward this message to those you care about so they can get ready.

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