Is It Safe to Store a Spare Key on Your Property?

Is It Safe to Store a Spare Key on Your Property?

Many of us will sacrifice safety in exchange for convenience when it comes to storing a spare house key on our property. Rather than choosing to keep our homes safest by abstaining from hiding a spare key, we delude ourselves into thinking that we can hide a key from a home intruder while also making the key easily accessible to ourselves and our families. We at Locksmith 775, your Reno locksmith of choice, advise you to not to fall into this trap and subsequently put your family in danger.

Not-So-Secrete Hide-A-Key Locations

You might think that you can dupe a home intruder from finding your hidden spare house key, but home intruders can be crafty. A skilled home intruder may “case” your house prior to attempting a break-in. This covert reconnaissance allows the intruder to take notes on your typical comings and goings. A lucky intruder may see you accessing your top secret spare key hiding spot, unbeknownst to you. Home intruders will generally attempt to access your home the easiest way possible, and preferably without you at home.

The following ‘secret’ spare key hiding locations are the first places home intruders will look. DO NOT hide your keys in these locations.

  • Under the doormat
  • Within a ‘fake rock’
  • Your wallet
  • On top of your door frame
  • Beneath your potted plant
  • Anywhere that says ‘KEEP OUT’

What Should I Do Instead of Hiding My Spare?

Locksmith 775, your go-to Reno locksmith, knows that it is especially tempting to hide your spare house key somewhere on your property. The surest way to keep you and yours safe, though, is to abstain from hiding the key in the first place.

Abstaining from hiding your spare house key doesn’t need to be inconvenient during a lockout scenario. The pros at Locksmith 775 can arrive at your property within 15-25 minutes of your call.

Instead of leaving your belongings and loved ones vulnerable to home intrusion, make the safe choice and call the fastest Reno locksmith in the area, Locksmith 775. We are available 24/7. Contact us today!

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