Are you experiencing problems with the locks on your car? Is the key stuck in the lock? If the answer is yes, you need a trustworthy Broken Keys & Repair Broken Locks in Reno locksmith’s assistance. Automotive Broken Keys & Repair Broken Locks is one of the focuses of industry leader Locksmith 775, a reputable provider of locksmith services. 

Kinds of Broken Vehicle Keys

Fix Broken Keys & Repair Broken Locks

A broken blade occurs when the metal key part separates from the plastic or rubber handle. This is a fairly typical problem, particularly with older keys that have seen a lot of use over the years.

A key is bent if it no longer turns straight and doesn’t fit in the ignition. This can take place if the key is inadvertently twisted or bent while it is inside the ignition.

When the small electronic chip embedded within the critical malfunctions or breaks, this is known as a broken transponder chip. Because of this, the automobile might be unable to be started or unlocked remotely.

Ways to Fix Broken Car Keys

Here are the most common types of broken car keys let’s look at how a professional locksmith can fix them.

    • Extracting the Key

If a key piece has broken off and becomes stuck inside the ignition, a locksmith can use special tools to remove it from the device. High levels of proficiency and accuracy are necessary to execute this work properly and without compromising the ignition or other electronic parts of the car.

    • Repairing the Blade

If the blade is broken, a locksmith can fix it by either re-welding it or replacing the broken portion and putting it back together. To accomplish this goal, specific tools, and extensive training are required.

    • Straightening the Key

A locksmith can use specific tools to straighten a customer’s bent key. Because when doing this it will allow the key to fit correctly in the ignition and prevent additional harm.

    • Replacing the Transponder Chip

If the transponder chip has been damaged, a locksmith should be able to replace it with a new chip. They must have specialist knowledge and equipment to program the new chip so that it is compatible with the security system in your vehicle.

Fix Broken Keys & Repair Broken Locks

What can Locksmith 775 do?

You can get assistance from Locksmith 775 with several lock-related issues in your automobile, including fixing damaged locks, replacing lost or damaged keys, and unlocking your vehicle in case of a lockout. Our staff is ready with the knowledge and specialized tools necessary to swiftly and effectively fix damaged locks. Also, if necessary, we may rekey your locks and replace missing or broken keys. A locksmith can assist you in regaining entrance to your car without doing any damage if you are locked out.

Benefits of using a Professional Locksmith for Broken Keys & Repair Broken Locks in Reno, NV

There are many benefits of using a professional locksmith for car repair broken locks. These include:

    • Expertise: Our Professional locksmiths have the knowledge and specialized tools to repair locks quickly and efficiently.

    • Convenience: Our team at Locksmith 775 can come to your location and repair your broken lock on-site, saving you time and hassle.

    • Safety: Attempting to repair a broken lock yourself can be dangerous, especially if you need the proper tools or experience. Locksmith 775 can repair your lock safely and efficiently.

    • Guaranteed Work: A professional Locksmith 775 team will ensure their work and provide a warranty, giving you peace of mind that your car’s lock is repaired correctly.

Locksmith 775 is here to help!


Broken locks and keys can be difficult and upsetting, but Locksmith 775 can help simplify things. You can ensure that the locks and keys on your property are fixed or replaced appropriately and effectively by choosing a professional locksmith. DIY solutions could appear to be a cost-saving choice but frequently result in additional damage or risks. Call Locksmith 775 immediately for our dependable and reasonably priced services if you require lock or key repairs.

Our homes, workplaces, and automobiles need locks and keys to stay safe and secure. Sadly, these protection measures occasionally wear out and must be repaired or replaced. If a key or lock breaks, call a locksmith immediately to avoid more damage.

For fast and efficient key replacement and lock repair, Locksmith 775 provides several services. We can offer emergency locksmith services whenever you need them since we have specialized knowledge, cutting-edge tools and equipment, and 24/7 availability.

DIY solutions could appear to be a cost-saving choice but frequently result in additional damage or risks. Hence, for Broken Keys & Repair Broken Locks, always choose a reputable locksmith like Locksmith 775.

Locksmith 775 can help with Broken Keys & Repair Broken Locks issues. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a quote.

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