Bloqueo de viviendas en Reno, NV

Are you experiencing a Home Lockout in Reno, NV?

Being locked out of your home is an annoyance and may also be hazardous if it occurs during an exceptionally high or low-temperature period. If you’re locked out of your house with family members or young children, the situation is only going to become more difficult from then on out.

We are a local locksmith in Reno, Nevada, licensed and insured, and we offer assistance with residential lockouts to residents around the clock. We can go wherever you need us to! This means that we will arrive at your location fully stocked with all the necessary tools to safely get you back into your home without causing any harm to your property. Because of our extensive experience in responding to customers’ urgent needs and our competitive pricing, we are the best option.


  • Make copies of your keys and always keep an extra set on hand.
  • Keep track of where your extra keys are located precisely. Leave one or two copies with someone trustworthy who lives nearby.
  • Think about hiding a spare key on your property. Exercise extra caution when choosing the hiding site to avoid the keys being stolen or lost.
  • Plan regular lock maintenance checks to ensure that all locksets are operating properly.
  • Before a house lockout situation arises, fix any damaged, jammed, or defective locks and keys. You can even rekey them.
  • Put our emergency house lockout number on speed dial.

What solutions are provided by our Home Lockout in Reno, NV Services?

Our expert residential home lockout service can provide you with a vast array of solutions, including:

Quick Damage-Free/Risk-Free Door Reopening

No matter what kind or complexity of the lock, we can quickly and securely open any locked door.

Lock Rekeying Services

We provide quick and affordable lock rekeying services out of our vans, saving you the hassle of getting new locks and installing them.

New Keys for Your Home 

To replace ordinary, tubular, laser-cut, vintage, or magnetic keys, we cut reasonably priced keys that are fully functional.

Nueva instalación de cerradura

We provide all new lock installation services, from simple door lock installation to complex door entry system installation.


Need help accessing your safe? Our safe unlocking team is here to assist you if you need to unlock a safe in your house. You can use our secure cracking services to open any safe vault you cannot open for whatever reason. No matter what grade or kind of safe you have, if you are locked out, one of our local Locksmiths in Reno, NV, can quickly arrive and open your safe or vault.

How quickly will a Locksmiths Reno arrive to help with a Home Lockout?

Our highly skilled, licensed locksmiths can arrive at any house in 30 minutes or less, depending on the road, traffic, and weather conditions. We are open every day of the year, including weekends and holidays, and we are regionally and nationally based. Rest assured that we will give you a guaranteed 30-minute response time, regardless of the time of day or where you may live.

What kind of Home Lockout Services do Locksmith 775 offer

We specialize in the entire array of home lockout solutions covering:

  • Rekeying locks. We can drive over and rekey your locks without having to visit a locksmith.
  • Fast, risk-free access to residential doors. No matter the model or its quirks, our emergency lockout professionals can quickly and safely open any door.
  • Installing new locks on your home. Whether you require a primary safety or a sophisticated door entry system, we can replace your outdated locks and install a new ones.
  • Methods for cutting new keys. Our cutting-edge equipment allows us to swiftly and accurately cut fully functional home keys. We provide tubular, conventional, magnetic, vintage, and laser-cut keys.

Absolutely. Our company works with professional locksmiths who provide emergency lockout services around-the-clock and travel with toolboxes with all the equipment required to manage residential lockout situations and related services. This includes replacing the strike plates in the door jambs, installing the latches and exterior levels, creating the necessary mortise for the latch’s faceplate, and doing anything else that might be required. As all of these services are provided immediately, you can avoid making an expensive trip to a locksmith service.


Looking for a fast, trustworthy, and affordable Home Lockout service near me? Call Locksmith 775! We offer professional 24-hour emergency lockout services in Reno, NV, with a 30-minute response time. We handle everything from missing keys and faulty locks to instant rekey and change locks services, Door Repair Reno, NV, and for house, apartment, or condo needs.

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