Common issues with door locks

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Families and valuables should always come first for homeowners, but sometimes they neglect door locks until something goes wrong.

Follow the recommended maintenance for your door locks if you don’t want to risk being locked out or having expensive lock problems that could ruin your day.

Here are some typical door lock issues that can be annoying and, in the long run, necessitating an expensive lock replacement:

The key is malfunctioning or broken

Have you ever attempted to turn your key in the lock and it broke? Perhaps the key jammed in the lock, or perhaps it won’t even insert. One of the most typical door lock issues is a broken key.

You can try to pull the key out with pliers if it breaks inside the lock because you tried to force it to turn after it became stuck. Call a specialist if that doesn’t work because you might need their assistance in trying to get it out.

First, make sure you are using the correct key if the key isn’t working. If you are, then you may be experiencing a problem with a deadbolt not functioning properly with the strike plate, which you would be able to determine if you finally open the door and discover that the key now functions properly.

Misaligned or unsecured locks

The next problem you might encounter is a lock that is out of alignment or too loose. The deadbolt must fit snugly into the strike plate along the door jam; if it is even slightly out of alignment, the lock may not function at all. This can occasionally occur if a person is too rough on the door, if the door isn’t installed correctly, or if it moves because of conditions like high humidity.

Considering that these things will inevitably become looser with time, you might also be dealing with a loose handle or lock. It only requires a few screws to be tightened, but if you put off fixing it, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to call for assistance with an emergency lockout.

Broken door

Time, wear, and tear can also lead to a broken door mechanism. They can become defective through excessive use and lack of maintenance. In those circumstances, you’ll want to maintain your locks and doors properly to prevent a slow lock or faulty mechanism because these are mechanical features that can only be repaired properly by a professional in the future.

Reliable door lock repair advice

  • Putting the doorknob in incorrectly is a common error that many people make. A misaligned bolt and latch can result from installing the new lock in the incorrect orientation. Changing the typical wooden door lock is one of the services we offer as locksmiths.
  • Following the door lock installation, you must test the lock for door lock repairs. To prevent accidentally locking yourself out, keep your keys close at hand at all times.
  • You must adhere to the thorough instructions on the door lock repair kit when installing the door knob. Making common door lock installation mistakes is more likely to happen if there is any sort of negligence.

Finding a locksmith

Make sure you’ve already browsed the phone book and looked up various local and national contractors and tradesmen to find the most dependable service at the most reasonable cost if you want to get the best door lock repair service possible.

Don’t be afraid to call and get quotes before the issue even arises. In an emergency like being locked out of your house, it’s good to have a number at the ready that you can rely on to be there as soon as possible. Ask friends and family if they can recommend anyone who did a quick job that hasn’t required any follow-up work as well.

Concluding Remarks

However, if they are resolved quickly and effectively, door lock issues really shouldn’t be a burden. Even though some of these door locks issues are manageable by the typical homeowner, you should never be afraid to call a reputable locksmith if you need assistance. If you don’t, the issue might not be resolved effectively and could even worsen the lock’s condition.

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