Changing Filing Cabinet Lock

Changing Filing Cabinet Lock

Lose the key to your filing cabinet? Locksmith 775 can change the lock on your filing cabinet within the hour. If you are in an office, or home office, and have misplaced your filing cabinet key, rather than breaking the whole thing open and ruining the cabinet in its entirety, contact Locksmith 775.

Often times, the filing cabinet is where our most important and precious items are kept. While Locksmith 775 does recommend putting your most valuable items in a safe, a filing cabinet is a great place for time-sensitive documents, employer handbooks, reference information, and more, but it can be frustrating when everything you need is IN the cabinet but you’ve lost the key. Our locksmiths are dedicated to staying continuously updated on the latest in digital lock repair, smart locksnew safe designs, and more. Our well-trained technicians have your interests at heart and are ready to be at your service day and night, 24/7.  It’s time for you to check us out yourselves! Be our next customer and enjoy the professional locksmith services at the best prices in Reno that thousands have already received.

While replacing a filing cabinet lock is fairly easy, if the locksmith doesn’t know what they’re doing initially, it can completely ruin the filing cabinet and you will have to get a new one. Depending on the filing cabinet, you may be able to get into it by simply turning it upside down, as many of these cabinets are ‘gravity based.’ If this method does not work, we will usually just take a simple drill bit, drive it straight through the cylinder of the lock (where you stick the key in), and it will pop open. If this is not done correctly, however, you will need to replace the entire cabinet. Why risk it? Locksmith 775 can take care of it!

Reno Locksmith 775 can handle all of your commercial locksmith needs in Reno. We provide all kinds of locksmith services, from cabinet key replacement to large panic bar installationrekeying mortise lockshigh-security lock system installations, and much, much, more. Our locksmiths are dedicated to staying continuously updated on the latest in digital lock repair, smart locks, new safe designs, and more.

At Locksmith 775 Reno NV we understand how important the security of your home and business is, contact us today.

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