Changing a Master Key Lock System

Changing a Master Key Lock System

A “master key system” is a system used primarily by businesses, especially office buildings, in which people who have access to specific areas are each given a specific key that can access specific areas of the building. There’s a ton of benefits to master key systems:

  • Better access control
  • Minimizing the number of keys that are being used
  • Saving money on key replacement costs
  • Quick access to specific areas or all areas for management and security personnel
  • Can save lives in emergency situations
  • Keys cannot be copied without your permission

People are often confused by master key lock systems, so here we want to elaborate on what a master key lock system is and how it actually works. Basically, one key can open two doors, but another key opens one of the doors, but not the other. Confusing, right?

master key system allows two or more keys to open one lock. To make a master key system, you need locks and keys that are the same make and model, and a way to re-key those locks. Pin tumbler master locks use a master wafer, or pin, in between the key pin and the driver pin.

  • Keys cannot be copied without your permission, expressly.

This is a great aspect of master lock systems.

The Four Types of Master Key Systems

GMG System – The GMG system, or General Main Group system, is a hierarchical structure consisting of a general master key, subordinate keys and own keys. The structure of a General Main Group system is very similar to that of a company. This type of master key system is commonly used by administration and infrastructure companies.

Main Key System – A main key system is a system in which locks are given different cylinder configurations that correspond to specific keys. These are primarily used by businesses in the commercial sector.

Central lock system with technical master key – You will see this type of master key system in use by Homeowner’s associations and other types of housing developments. Locks on individual dwellings or flats are given different locking cylinders that are tied to specific keys. A master key is also typically provided that unlocks maintenance areas where maintenance equipment is stored.

Combined master key system – In this type of master key system, doors are protected by both mechanical and electronic locks. These locks can only be unlocked with the correct ID card. The card will have the appropriate combination code that unlocks the door.

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