Car Lock Out Reno

Car Lock Out Reno

If Your Car Lock Out Reno just call Us Now:(755) 203-570

Getting locked out of your car is an extremely stressful situation that many of us have experienced at some point in the past. When this happens, many of us have attempted the tried and true, “wire hanger technique,” but what happens when there isn’t a hanger handy or your car doesn’t have a manual lock? Also, you sitting there trying to effectively break into your own vehicle can look very suspect to Reno law enforcement.

Don’t panic. Fortunately, there’s a perfectly legit method that can help you get out of this situation: contact Locksmith 775. If you’re in this situation, give us a call at  (755) 203-5703; our qualified lock technicians can be at your car within a half hour – as long as you’re within the Reno area. They are trained to deal with every make and model of vehicle – old or new.

Locking your keys in your car isn’t the only way that you can get locked out of your vehicle. Here are a few other ways that Locksmith 775 can help you get back to your day:
Car Lock Out Reno just call Us Now:(755) 203-5703

• Key fob malfunction – Many newer vehicles utilize transponder chip technology so that you can have keyless entry to your car. Unfortunately, this technology isn’t perfect, and when your car’s key fob malfunctions, we at Locksmith 775 can help you gain access to your vehicle. It’s important to understand that not all cars have physical keys, so if your key fob chip malfunctions, it’s important to get the matter resolved as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, we have lock technicians that can be at your vehicle in as little as 15 minutes. When they arrive, they can reprogram your chip on-site, which can save you cash because you won’t have to have your car towed.

• Key extraction – Unfortunately, if you have a physical key, it’s very easy to accidentally break off the key in the lock of your car. This is one of the more stressful ways to get locked out, but don’t panic, at Locksmith 775, we can resolve this issue without causing damage to your vehicle or its locks.

We can remove your broken key from the trunk, the ignition, or the doors of your vehicle. The process typically doesn’t take much longer than a half an hour, and our technicians can usually make you a new key for your lock while you wait at your vehicle.

• Key Replacement – Unfortunately, car theft and attempts at car theft can happen in Reno. When this occurs and you’ve retrieved your vehicle, it’s crucial that you replace the keys and even the locks so that you can prevent future attempts at thievery.

At Locksmith 775, our locking professionals can come to you to ensure that you have a key to get home and can rekey your existing locks so that your old keys no longer work. The process usually takes less than an hour, and in many cases, our technicians won’t have to replace the entire locking assembly.

• Key Loss – Losing your keys can be an arduous process; most people change their locks and that can take a lot of time and money. This is especially true for your vehicle; you don’t want to grant access to your car, but if you know that your keys are in a safe location that isn’t accessible to unscrupulous individuals, then you can simply replace the key that you’ve lost.

At Locksmith 775, our technicians can make duplicate keys within minutes of arriving at your vehicle. This can significantly decrease the stress of an automotive lockout and can get you back on the road within the hour.
If you end up getting locked out of your car, don’t sweat it; we can quickly help you get back driving again. Simply call us at (755) 203-5703, and we’ll get someone to your location in Reno within the half hour. We have emergency staff that is on-call all day and night, seven days a week.

Car Lock Out Reno just call Us Now:(755) 203-5703

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