Can A Reno Locksmith Replace A Key Fob?

Flip Style Car Key Fob

Can you replace my car key fob?

One request we get most often is a desire to replace a lost or broken key fob. You may think this is a challenging task for a locksmith, but it is relatively routine. For example, when replacing a car key fob, you want to look for a locksmith who will come to wherever your vehicle is so they can do the critical key fob programming onsite.  

What Types of Car and Truck Key Fobs can a Reno Locksmith Replace?

  • Remote Keys. 
    • Remote keys open and lock a vehicle from a distance.
  • Transponder Keys. 
    • These keys have a tiny microchip that transmits a signal. The need for the signal prevents hot wiring a car if you don’t have the transponder key.
  • Flip Style Remotes. 
    • Flip style remotes have a button that, when pressed, flips a key out of the body of the remote.
  • Smart Keys. 
    • A drivers car can sense the smart key signal and perform basic tasks like opening the car door or starting the vehicle.

What are the costs to replace a car key fob?

Key fob replacement is usually not like cheap car key replacement. Key fobs cost a little more to replace, but it is still pretty reasonable when you consider starting your car. So how much does it cost to replace a car key? The answer depends on the make, model, and type of functions of the key fob.  

What kind of cars can a locksmith in Reno service?

A good Reno locksmith can program fobs for Audi, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Cadillac. A quality locksmith can work on both foreign and domestic cars and trucks. When you need a dependable Reno Locksmith, contact Locksmith 775 for quick service. We have many years of experience replacing car and truck key fobs. 

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