Can A Locksmith Make A Key Without The Original?

Can A Locksmith Make A Key Without The Original?

Locksmith Reno 775 can make a duplicate key with or without the original. Read on to find out how we accomplish this task. We are ready to help.

Very often, our clients don’t have the original key available to make a duplicate.  Maybe the key is broken off inside the lock, or perhaps it’s just lost.  Can a locksmith make a key without the original?  The short answer is “Yes”! Locksmith Reno 775 is your go-to shop when you find yourself in this situation. 


Let’s discuss how we accomplish making a new key when the original is not available.  There are three ways we can attempt to create a new key.


Key Codes

Each key has a code that can tell a locksmith how to duplicate a key from a blank.  Many pieces of hardware have codes stamped on the lock itself.  In this situation, it’s relatively easy to recreate a duplicate.  Two types of codes can tell a locksmith how to make a key. 


Bitting Code


A bitting code allows Reno Locksmith 775 to enter the code into a keying machine, which will make the appropriate cuts.  Using this machine, we cut to the proper depth and pin count.


If this code is not available, we may need to reach out to the manufacture to get the appropriate code. 


Blind Code


A blind code is a number that will lead a locksmith to the bitting code.  A blind code is often the code required, and a licensed locksmith can get to the correct bitting code.  


Lock Impressions


If codes are not available for some reason, a reno locksmith can physically take an impression of the lock.  The impression will allow the locksmith to recreate the key with a blank. Mobile locksmiths will often use to accomplish the task.  Sometimes an image is not feasible because of a broken key inside the lock.


Lock Disassembly


The final method is a last resort, but a licensed locksmith can do it quite easily.  Locks are fine-tuned mechanisms that require delicate care to ensure they are working correctly.  You can’t take apart lock hardware incorrectly as it can damage the mechanism.   Locking mechanisms consist of parts that work together with fine-tuned tolerances.  If one of these tolerances is off, the lock doesn’t work correctly.


Locksmith Reno 775 has been serving the Reno community for many years.  We are proud to be a top option for anyone locked out of their home, car, or office.  We can make duplicate keys with or without the original key.  Don’t hesitate to call us when you are in need.  We pride ourselves on quick service.

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