5 Tips for Securing Your Patio Doors

The inclusion of patio doors in your abode is an attractive proposition. Not only do they allow for the inflow of natural light into your living quarters, but they also offer seamless access to the outdoor environment. Unfortunately, they could also serve as the ideal entry point for intruders. Since patio doors are frequently constructed using glass and are commonly situated at the rear end of domiciles, they’re incredibly vulnerable to burglars. You can use various methods to secure your patio doors and keep thieves out. This article will examine the top 5 tips for securing your patio doors.

5 Tips for Securing Your Patio Doors

5 Tips for Securing Your Patio Doors

Tip #1: Install a Quality Lock on Patio Doors

Installing a top-tier lock can easily enhance the security of your patio doors. Such a lock will undoubtedly offer excellent protection against burglary attempts. Many lock types exist, such as mortise, deadbolts, and cutting-edge intelligent locks: rugged, tamper-proof, suit patio doors. Meanwhile, mortise locks surpass traditional locks, offering superior protection.

Smart locks are a novel option, rising in demand. They’re manageable through a smartphone application, allowing easy locking and unlocking of patio doors from any place. Moreover, they can auto-lock at set times, providing an added layer of protection.

Locksmith 775 offers various lock installation services, making choosing and installing a top-quality lock for your patio doors easier.

Tip #2: Patio Doors Use Security Bars

Security bars are a particularly effective measure to ensure the utmost security for your patio doors. Affix these sturdy steel bars across the door frame to obstruct any nefarious burglars from prying open your entryway.

To fully enhance the protective potential of security bars, choosing the right size and strength is crucial. Otherwise, revisions may be necessary to secure your home from break-ins.

Fortunately, Locksmith 775 proffers a wide-ranging assortment of these security bars. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in handpicking the perfect set for your unique needs. Additionally, they will mount your new bars enthusiastically and proficiently through their expert installation services.

Tip #3: Add a Door Reinforcement Plate

Utilizing a door reinforcement plate is an efficacious stratagem to augment the fortitude of your patio doors. It consists of a metallic plate affixed to the door frame, bolstering its structural integrity and deterring forced entry. The installer uses screws that exceed the length of those originally supplied with the door to install the scale.

Firstly, incorporating a door reinforcement plate is straightforward and facile. Additionally, it provides an extra layer of protection for your patio doors. This is especially valuable for wooden door frames more susceptible to withstand a powerful kick’s impact.

If you seek to elevate the security of your patio doors, a door reinforcement plate is a prudent and reasonable choice. For professional installation services, consider availing the services of Locksmith 775, a trusted and experienced provider of door reinforcement plate installations.

Tip #4: Install a Security Film

Security film, a robust and transparent film, possesses the exceptional ability to prevent the glass from shattering, should an unwelcomed attempt to break it occur. Furthermore, this unique protective film also serves as a formidable deterrent, obstructing the view inside your residence and rendering it more arduous for potential burglars to case your property.

While opting for a security film, ensuring the selected movie is appropriately sized and thick enough to suit your specific patio doors is crucial. Choosing a film that is too thin will result in inadequate protection, rendering the installation futile.

At Locksmith 775, a wide range of security films, meticulously designed to cater to your specific needs, is available. Our team of experts is readily available to assist you in selecting the perfect movie that best suits your needs and requirements. Our efficient and quick installation process will leave you unparalleled peace of mind, ensuring your safety and security remain uncompromised.

Tip #5: Keep Your Patio Doors Well-Maintained

Consistent and regular maintenance is paramount to guarantee optimal functioning and maximum security of your patio doors. The wear and tear that occurs over time can diminish the integrity of your doors, rendering them susceptible to nefarious break-ins. Hence, diligently maintaining your patio doors can effectively deter unauthorized access and promote their longevity.

Fortunately, you can perform several maintenance tasks, including thoroughly cleaning tracks and rollers, inspecting weatherstripping, and tightening loose screws or bolts. However, if significant issues or damages are observed, it is advisable to enlist the assistance of a professional.

In this vein, Locksmith 775 provides extensive patio door repair and maintenance services in Reno, Nevada. From glass replacement to door repair or replacement, they are fully equipped to address any issues that may arise. These seasoned experts will execute patio door repairs professionally and securely, so you can rest assured by entrusting the job to them.


Securing your patio doors is vital to keeping your home safe. Reduce break-in risk with five tips and Locksmith 775 services. Install a quality lock, use security bars, add reinforcement plates and film, and maintain your doors to enhance security. Locksmith 775 offers expert installation and repair services for your peace of mind. Act now to secure your patio doors.

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